Masia Ca l'Ànima


Ca l’Ànima is a XVIII century farmhouse, built in stone and recently restored, with tipical small architectural details from its built century. It is located in a small valley of the rural comune called Baronia de Rialb, in the Pre-Pirinees heard, between Ponts and Tremp. In an unique and privileged space, the house is surrounded by nature, forest with typical tree of Mediterranean area, and different aromatic and medicinal herbs. The Rialb river is just 100 meters from the house and you can hear the water sound from the farmhouse.

We also have a barn with Fast and Furious, the two donkeys of the property, some hens and our famous cock, Gallerotti.

The guests can collect fresh eggs every morning with a good taste. In addition we have a vegetable garden with typical seasonal vegetables. You are allowed to pick them up.

Ideal place to relax, unwind and flow.

"Cultivate the Soul at Masia Ca l'Ànima"